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In 1935 a private abattoir opened in Jelgava and meat processing was started. This is considered to be the year of its foundation. Soon the products manufactured there became familiar in the city and its surrounding area. The 1930s in Jelgava, as throughout the country, were a time of great economic bustle. Also, the inhabitants of Jelgava appreciated the flavourful smoked meats and sausages that were prepared with great care, responsibility, and love of work. For years, skilled craftsmen looked for the best ingredients until they finally managed to develop a number of original recipes that became the basis for the legendary “Jelgava” gourmet cooking traditions. In 1944, the Latvian SSR Meat and Dairy Ministry took control of the Jelgava Meat Factory. In the beginning there were only 17 staff jobs, but growth was fast. In 1947, they had a Bauska department and a number of subsidiaries. Working facilities included a slaughterhouse, a sausage shop, a warehouse, and “The Sausage Workshop” at 67 Tērvetes street. The company owned a number of residences for workers. The fifties saw the company already employing more than 60 people, with new shops opened. The factory owned two horses - Juzis and Juris, and even purchased a GAZ-AA motorcar. Despite difficulties, all projects were completed ahead of schedule. The demand for quality meat products was very high. In 1957, the company was renamed the Jelgava department of the Riga Meat and Canned Food Factory, but from 1959, it again was the Jelgava Meat Factory. In the sixties, the company employed over two hundred. The factory controlled several animal procurement and processing companies in the Jelgava, Auce, Dobele, and Eleja regions. Production of a separate group of products also started - semi-finished products and cutlets. A  poultry shop was also opened. The factory increased production volumes, operating at full capacity. Jelgava meat products were popular with consumers: on normal days and holidays, wherever you looked there was a fragrant sausage link on the table. In 1986, the Jelgava Meat Factory was controlled by the LPSR Agroindustrial Committee. The company worked with the same principles as before, but change was on the horizon. In 1994, the Jelgava Meat Factory became the state-owned joint stock company “Jelgavas gaļas kombināts”, and was privatized. The 90s saw the development of seven product categories with more than 100 names -  meat, various sausages, and many other delicacies.



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