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The brand today

Adapting to new circumstances, the company continues to offer new products, all while never forgetting the old ways. In 2003, the foundation was laid for a new production facility, which was opened in 2005. The project was realized with the help of SAPARD resources. Since 2005, export to Russia has been launched, and continues still. In 2009, the brand name  “Jelgava” was designed (prior to this, production took place under the brand name Jelgava Meat Factory). In 2010, the company acquired a controlling interest in Riga Butcher, JSC. Using the company's traditions, employees' vast experience, and original recipes, production of consumers' favorite products is continued, and a number of new products are introduced. Much is being done to ensure more attractive and convenient packaging production. Because of the high quality standards of “Jelgava”, products are popular among even the most demanding customers. In the summer of 2011, a dumpling shop was founded. Now also this very demanded product is produced by the “Jelgava” masters. In April 2011, “Jelgava” launched a new logo design, which is now recognized in Latvia as well as far beyond its borders.

In June 2010 "Jelgavas gaļas kombināts" was aquired by  „Rīgas Miesnieks“.

In May 2014 the joint company „Rigas Miesnieks“ changed it’s legal name to „HKScan Latvia“ as a part of HKScan Group.

In September 2023, AS "Maag Grupp" acquires ownership of AS "HKScan Latvia," leading to a rebranding of the company with the new legal name AS "Maag Latvija." Despite the change, the company maintains its position as a key player in the Latvian meat market.

AS Maag Latvija's values:


We are trusted professionals delivering tasty experiences in a sustainable and transparent way.


We work as a team group-wide and locally to exceed customer and consumer expectations. Open communication and active participation lead us to best results.


We improve our work every day and are eager to learn. We ensure our future success by being a step ahead.

AS Maag Latvija's mission:


AS Maag Latvija's vision


Maag Latvija is a responsible food company which creates good through strong brands, tasty products, an efficient and transparent production chain and skilled employees.


Jelgava production safety management system is certified according to the ISO 22000 standard.

AS ''Maag Latvija''

Office address: Atlasa Str. 7, Rīga, LV-1026, Latvia

Toll-free customer service number: 80005100

Orders: +371 67 36 86 43

E-mail: latvija@maagfood.com

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